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Launch Pad Pack

The Launch Pad kit contains activities for Maths, English and Handwriting, plus the “My Wellbeing Journal”. These activities have been specially chosen to give your child a great academic and emotional start to their school career. The included teaching notes tell you how to make the best use of each activity so that your child gets the full benefit from each one. Even the idea of persevering with an activity till it’s finished is something that we take for granted but may be a whole new concept for your preschooler.

Product details

Launch Pad is a great place to get started. You get:
1 x Alphabet Sounds & Writing Scrapbook
1x Early Skills English book "Visual Skills"
1x Early Skills Math book "Patterns Sorting & Matching
1x My Wellbeing Journal (please refer to the teaching notes on our website before you start)
1x Counters to go with the maths book
1x pack formative triangular colour pencils
1x extra large triangular writing pencil & sharpener
All packed in a bag that can be used for library or readers at school next year.