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About I'm Starting School

Hi, I'm Natalie Petersen.
I developed The I'm Starting School program at The Teacher Resource Bookshop in Hastings in 2015.
Parents would come into the store and ask how they could help their child get ready to start school. We could show individual products that we thought would help, but that felt unsatisfactory. So I started researching and came up with a collection of resources that I am absolutely certain help to bridge the gap between the skills a child may (or may not) finish kinder with and the skills that I knew as a prep teacher they should have under their belts before they start formal learning at school.
I believe that every child deserves the best possible start to school and I believe that it's our job as parents to seek out whatever advantages we can give them.
Starting school is probably the biggest single thing your child will ever do - there's so much that happens in that first few months - making new friends, getting used to routines and expectations, not to mention the huge amount of learning that takes place. We just have to give them a head start if we can. I really believe that this program can be that head start.