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Welcome to I'm Starting School!

My child is starting school next year!

How can I help them prepare for this?

Yes it is possible to help your child have a positive start to school.

I believe that every child deserves the best possible start to their school experience.

I believe it's our job, as parents, to seek out whatever advantages we can give our children, so that when they do start school it's with excitement and anticipation, not fear or apprehension.

You only get one chance to get this right. It can mean the difference between a happy, successful school life and a nerve wracking years' long struggle for both your child and yourself.

A good start is just so important. When a prep teacher introduces the single sounds of the alphabet, the child that understands them the first time will then go on to join two sounds together, then three and take to spelling and writing like a duck to water.

If a child can see patterns in objects they will then see the patterns in numbers and our whole number system is based on patterns.
If that child's eyes have been trained to really pay attention to what they're looking at they'll notice the difference between a word that says "look" and a word that says "lock".

Just as vital as an academic good start is your child's sense of self and their place in the world. A child with great self esteem will feel so much more comfortable in the school environment.

The activities in the I'm Starting School Kits have been specially chosen for their academic and social/emotional value. They contain pre-maths, pre handwriting, pre reading, an introduction to the alphabet and a focus on emotional wellbeing. As a prep teacher I can tell you that doing these activities before starting school will give your child a great platform on which to begin their formal school program.
Are you ready to give your child an advantage over the others? Let's go!