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Welcome to I'm Starting School!

The best way to help your child get ready for school.

Activity Kits that help to prepare for big school.


The I'm Starting School Kits have been specially assembled for their academic, social and emotional value. They contain pre-maths, pre-handwriting, pre-reading, an introduction to the alphabet and a focus on emotional wellbeing.

As a prep teacher I can tell you that doing these activities before starting school will give your child a great platform on which to begin their formal school program. - Natalie

It's our job, as parents, to seek out whatever advantages we can give our children, so that when they do start school it's with excitement and anticipation, not fear or apprehension.

You only get one chance to get this right and it can mean the difference between a happy, successful school life and a nerve-wracking years' long struggle for both your child and yourself.

How Our Activity Kits Help:

The activities have been specifically chosen to bridge the gap between the skills a child may finish kinder with, and what they really need to have under their belts before they start formal learning at school.

This is the background work - and it's really, really important.

Imagine how your child will feel at school when their teacher says, "Today we are learning about the letter M."
"Yes! I know this letter! I can do this!!!" How great will that be for them!

These activities are laying the groundwork for the education to come. Your child will be so much more confident and success will come so much more easily for them.

Each activity pack comes with additional teaching notes to assist in navigating through the activities and reinforcing the skills being taught.